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Related article: Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2006 19:30:39 -0700 (PDT) From: 3Q Subject: After School Special - Chapter 2[Read the disclaimer at the end, if you wish.] Allen and I dozed off in the backyard, in the shade, after fucking, and fulfilling what we both found out was our mutual fantasy for sometime. We felt the air cool, I think, and that woke us up. The evening was approaching, and the bliss of the afternoon started to wear off. I opened my eyes to look into Allen's eyes looking directly at my face, and he giggled. We kissed as lovers for several minutes, then we both sat up, and I helped him to his feet. I gathered the blanket and we returned to the porch. After another beer from the cooler, and a bit of another bowl, Allen and I sat together, naked on the porch couch. "This almost seems unreal," Allen said. "It's incredible, sweet boy, but very real. And wonderful," I answered. "It felt so fuckin' great having your big dick inside me," he said. "I've never had one in me that size." I was a bit surprised, almost hurt. But then, what right did I have to think I would be his first? I guess I did just because he was so virginal beautiful. "So you've done this before?" "Never like this, Mr. Davis. That was the best fuck of my life, and on a whole other plane of existence. It was incredible. You made my entire body feel like it was connected with yours and we were sharing the same love, the same sensations, the same energy." "He's a little high," I thought. "It was incredible for me too, Allen," I said, "something I've dreamed about, but the reality was even better. I had always imagined us fucking on my desk, or in the office, or the locker room." "Well, fucking in the locker room at LHS is overrated," Allen said. "You've done it there?" "A couple of times. See, sometimes when guys wanted to get some grass from me and I wanted to sell it to them, but they didn't have the cash, I would take it out in trade." "Really? Like who?" "Ummm," he though for a moment, "like T.K. Williams the quarterback..." "No fuckin' way," I interrupted. "Yeah, little dick, but fucks like an animal," Allen said. "And Efraim Mendoza,... Chris Locken,... Aaron Harton,... Andy Johnson,... and a few of the stoners." "And no body ever gave you shit about it, or about being gay?" "No way! They did it for the weed, which was incriminating enough for the athletes, and it was usually them fucking or sucking me so they would be just as gay as I was if they brought it up." "Those guys sucked you," I asked incredulous. "Not all of them, I would rather get fucked by most of them, but I made every athlete suck my dick the first time. It was a good way to have something to hold over them." "And some of this you did in the locker room?" "Sometimes," Allen replied, "but more often it was in the teachers' bathroom in the copy center." "You never got caught?" "Well, once Mr. Higgins walked in when Efraim and I were coming out of the bathroom, but I had his balls in my hand too." "Mr. Higgins?!? You had the Vice Principal's balls in your hand?" "Yeah," he chuckled, "that old fucker was a pervert. He liked nothing more than licking a guy's funky ass. And the second time I let him lick mine, I set my phone to take a video of it. I showed it to him the next day, and after that, I never had to worry." "Holy shit! I can't believe that grumpy, old, married to a battle-axe Mr. Higgins was like that. He always seemed like he disliked every kid. He hid it well." "Well, not enough that a bunch of us didn't know," Allen answered. "One night I was really, really baked with Freddy Cruz, and we started talking about sex, and the nastiest thing we had ever done, and I kind of slipped and said I let this nasty old guy eat my ass, and he looked me right in the eye and said, 'Mr. Higgins!' And we both laughed for the next hour. We couldn't stop laughing. I think that Freddy was as surprised as I was. And we both realized that we totally had him where we wanted him. We went to school on Monday, and he was in the hallway before first period. We walked past him, and winked when we said, 'Good morning, Mr. Higgins,' and then right as we both passed him, we both reached back and scratched our asses right on the crack. When we looked back, he had already stormed back into his office. That was the day that those three rich chicks got expelled for cheating. He was so pissed off he was giving people D-Hall left and right. He nearly had a stroke when he yelled at those girls." I had wondered about that day myself. It was like the old man was on a rampage, calling students out of my class, they would all come back with red eyes like they had been crying. I guess Allen and Freddy really got to him. "That's incredible," I said, "I never would have guessed why he got so crazy sometimes, but now it makes sense. He knew that you could do whatever you wanted with him, and when he realized that you both knew, and that you knew the other one knew, he was deep in shit." "Exactly," Allen answered, "from that point on, if I needed some privacy, I would take whoever I was with to Mr. Higgins' office, and he would just get up and leave. Some people thought it was kind of crazy, but we would just close the door and do what we needed to do. Sometimes it was just selling an eighth, and other times it was taking the payment that required privacy. Either way, I had the safest place in school to take care of business. No Nude Preteen Pics one would walk into that office unless they were invited." "Wow, I guess not. I mean who in the hell would even want to go in there, much less interrupt him when he closed the door," I said. "Anyway," Allen said, "I only had a few of the guys fuck me, but it was always worth it. Nude Preteen Pics I would get what I wanted for a few bucks worth of weed, and I would have something on them that would ensure their silence even if they got busted. I got to where I could tell if they had done it before. The amateurs were always so clumsy, and goofy, and nervous. And the experienced ones would just whip it out, slick it up, and slide it slowly in. Aaron Harton was the Nude Preteen Pics best. He had been fucking his little brother for years, and he knew how to make me scream whether I was bent over Mr. Higgins' desk or laying on his mother's bed." "My god, Allen, you're shameless, aren't you?" "Well, that miss priss Mrs. Harton was such an uppity, self-righteous bitch with all of her bible-whackin' and demands on the school board. I just loved knowing that while she was worried about the effect of the music on 'young gentlemen and ladies' at prom and how it would lead to pre-marital sex, I was getting fucked by her oldest son, and fucking her youngest on her very own bed. It made it just that much better." "You're amazing, Allen. I can't believe that you had it all nailed down like that. You had every avenue covered, didn't you?" "Well, I like to think so," he said. "I couldn't get busted by the administration for anything because of Higgins, I couldn't get busted by any of the boys because even if I hadn't done business with them, their buddies would convince them not to turn me in. But even with all of that worked out, I couldn't swing a deal that could put me here. I had such a huge crush on you. I can't believe you had no idea." "Allen, I was too busy trying to NOT make eye contact with most of the boys, especially you, to read anything into their looks. I was always happy that you wanted to be in my room so much, but I never suspected at all." We sat for a while on the porch. We drank a little and smoked a little. Then we both noticed that the sun was going down and we went inside. Standing naked in front of the fridge, Allen looked at what I had to eat. I was behind him, leaning against the counter just looking at him. His slim silhouette was so beautiful. It was dreamlike, seeing him in that light. Then he did it. He bent over to look on a low shelf, and exposed his hole to me. I then, impulsively did what I'd often thought of doing when my hotter students bent over in front of me. I took three steps forward, dropped slowly to my knees, and took that smooth, Nude Preteen Pics firm, muscular ass in my hands and stroked the smooth cheeks. I spread them a bit farther and lashed up with my tongue at his cleft and hole. Allen just about tipped over into the fridge, caught himself on the sides of the door and spread his feet just a bit. I licked at him again, and he moaned softly. I licked a few more times, longer, wetter, firmer and deeper, then I really dove in. I started to eat his ass with my entire face. I moved my face around in his warm, now wet, crack, and really got into it. I lapped at his hole while my nose pushed against him, and I drove my tongue into his hole as far as I could. Finally, when I stopped to take a breath, Allen stood up and turned around. He moved just a bit to let the door close, and then pulled me up to stand facing him. "You have no fucking idea how hot that feels to have you munching on my ass with your beard stubble rubbing on my cheeks." "Allen, your ass is so sweet, I just want to dive in and live there." We both started laughing and couldn't stop for a few minutes. We were still a bit high I guess. "Let me take you somewhere to eat," I said. "Really? In public?" "Yes, Allen. There's nothing wrong with my being with you now. And I don't care who sees us. Besides, I'm fucking starving, and I don't want to have to make anything right now." We both walked outside, and pulled on our shorts and t-shirts. We walked out and climbed into my old boat. It was a huge old Buick with the biggest damn leather bench seat in front, and as we slid in, and Allen slid right on over next to me, I was glad I still had this old car. He slipped his arm behind me and nuzzled behind my ear as we backed out. I was going to have to really focus on my driving with this hot boy next to me and being just a bit buzzed. We drove down to the Denny's and it was pretty quiet. We chose a corner booth in the back, far from anyone else. We ordered and waited for the food to arrive. We held hands under the table. "So what do you think this school year will be like," Allen asked. "Well it will be different, that's for sure." "Yeah, it will be for me. I hope to have a teacher fucking me for one thing." I laughed, and then my smile turned a bit down, almost to a frown. "I have some bad news though Allen." "What," he asked, his tone changed and his eyebrows knit up. "I'm not coming back to the high school," I told him. "Why not?" "Because it's too dangerous Allen. Some of the boys there are so hot, and so nice to me, I'm afraid someone will start using it against me like you guys did with Mr. Higgins." "But that was different," he protested, "he's an old fucking pervert who deserves it. You're, like, the coolest teacher in the world, who everybody likes, and besides, you're hot and they just want you to fuck them when they look at you like that. Trust me, they do." "That's sweet Allen, but I just don't want to risk it. Besides, there's a law that says a teacher can't date their student, even if they're of age. And I wouldn't be able to be open about our relationship if I stayed." "Well," Allen said, after a pause. "I have some news too, Hank." "Really?" "Yeah, I've already decided not to go back myself." "What? Why Allen, why wouldn't you go back, you have that place under your thumb." "It's partly for the same reason," he replied, "I worry about it being too easy, and what might happen to bring down that wall of cards." "I guess, I can see that, though it sure sounds like you had it sewn up." "Well, I'm not dropping out or anything. I'm going to finish. A year early even. I'm going to take courses online and finish high school this year." "That's great! Allen, I think that's the perfect thing for you to do. " Just then our omelets arrived. Our plates were steaming and we dug in. After I ate for a while, I looked over at Alan. He had set down his fork, and his hands were under the table. His eyes were half closed, and he was starting to sweat. I figured out what he was doing in about a second. His shoulder was vibrating as he stroked, and his breathing started getting Nude Preteen Pics heavier. Then, suddenly, he opened his eyes, and looked past me. I turned my head just a bit to see the door to the manager's office was open. Sitting behind his desk was a young, handsome man with auburn hair and goatee, and bright green eyes. He was watching Allen intently. A second later, I heard Allen moan, and then I felt his cum splatter on my legs - one shot, two, three, again and again for about eight squirts, soaking my legs. Allen's hands came back above the table and he started eating again, as if nothing had happened. I reached down and scooped some of his cum up and placed it in my mouth. "Mmmm, that's good. What made you decide to do that," I asked. "The manager had been sitting there at his desk and kept looking up at me. Every time I looked at him, he would look back down to his desk like he was working. I decided to give him a show, so step by step I took out my dick, got it hard, and then started to stroke it. By the time our food arrived, he was staring at me. And I think that he enjoyed it, look." I turned back towards him, and saw that he was working his arm back and forth under the desk just like Allen had. His pale face started to get pink, and sweat sparkled on his forehead. Then I distinctly heard him grunt, and his eyes closed as he came. A moment later, when we had just finished our food, the waitress came by and gave me the check. I handed her the cash and told her to keep the change. "Are you all set," I asked Allen. "Sure, let's go. That was great." Just as we both were ready to stand up, the manager appeared in front of us at our table. "How was everything tonight, gentlemen?" "Good." "Very good," we answered. "My name is Jeff," he stated and reached his hand towards me. "Hank." I took his hand to shake it, and was immediately aware of the wetness of his palm. I lifted it to my nose, and smelled the fresh cum. He let go of my hand and took Allen's as Allen introduced him self as well. "Please come back again soon," Jeff said, and reached into his shirt pocket to take out some coupons. "Have a good night," Jeff said as we stood to leave, and I saw him brush his hand on the manager's crotch as he passed, leaving a trail of his own cum on the front of Jeff's pants. We walked out towards the car, and I looked at the coupons. I held them out to show Allen. "Free meals, anything on the menu. Six of them. I guess we WILL be back," I said. "And I think next time, we'll get dessert," Allen said with a smirk. "We will," I answered. We got into the car, and Allen sucked my dick the whole way. I got a little nervous when we pulled up along side a sheriff's deputy, but instead of giving me the stern look I expected, he smiled. Then I noticed - Allen had lifted his head from my cock, and was waving to the deputy. The light turned green and we drove off._____Disclaimer: If you are too young in your jurisdiction to read this, well then, bully for you, you precocious young man. You shouldn't be, but then how can I stop you. In fact, congratulations on being so resourceful and finding nifty. I've loved it for years. If you are reading this in a jurisdiction in which it is illegal, enjoy it even more.I have an ambitious outline for this story that includes quite a plan for world domination by the velvet mafia. If you have positive suggestions or praise, you can email me at I'll try to answer. If you have negative responses, please keep them to yourself, your bad attitude has probably already screwed up your life anyway.None of this happened, though it would be legal if it had - so far anyway. Nifty can do as they wish with this story, others may do nothing with it as it's mine (i.e. the author grants the Nifty Archive a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, and non-cancellable license to display the work on the nifty archive and mirrors only). _______End_____
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